Sally Cooper offers music for film, TV and AV presentation projects.
I have a particular interest in working with film makers on inspiring humanist, humanitarian, social & environmental consciousness & new age projects.
(Projects that serve the common good of people and the community on a local and global level.)

Sally Coopers' collaborative musical piece with film music composer Mark Skipper from USA "Inside Beauty Lies" was used on the film "Skatin 66" which was screened in May 2009 at The Buffalo film festival New York.

Above is the Youtube clip of from The film "Skatin 66" in which "Inside Beauty Lies" is featured

Audio samples for different moods below.


Heart Sighs by SallyCooper

Excavated memories by SallyCooper

Excavated memories part 2 by SallyCooper

Precipice by SallyCooper  

Plunging into uncertainty by SallyCooper  

Restrained Desire by SallyCooper  

Ooh Lah (Live Acapella vocal only) by SallyCooper  


I have many more  audio recordings for different moods and scenes.

Contact me to request use of my music for your project

 Full audio quality WAV format. of these tracks is available

Non exclusive licensing fees are negotiable.

I also custom make music for your project according to request.