Sally Cooper Live Music Performance artist

Sally Cooper is a sacred folk music performer and songwriter.

In her solo acoustic performances, Sally accompanies herself on guitar and keyboard,

but the main feature in her performances is always

her distinctive and soulful voice.

She can also be joined by additional musicans

if a larger band sound is required.

Her solo music performances create a sublime and relaxed ambience.

She performs a selection of her own soothing arrangements of popular songs

as well as her own original songs, & vocal arrangements,

 sacred Indian chants and Bhajans.

Suited to special occasions, ceremonies, garden performances,

sacred music festivals, concerts, and art gallery exhibitions.

        For situations where a soothing and soulful musical ambiance

  will enhance the setting.

Sally has had decades of national and international performance

and recording experience. She is a consummate musician

drawing influences from a bold and diverse palette of genres.

She is also a practicing music therapist.

She has performed with her various band lineups

in 5 star venues across Brisbane, Sydney,

The Northern Territory of Australia, The South Pacific,

Singapore, New Zealand, Thailand, Dubai, Tahiti, Doha, Bahrain, China,

South Korea and India.

Sally Cooper has also been studying Indian devotional singing

and sound meditation/healing for decades, which has

involved numerous study trips to India.

She has integrated this influence into her sound

and approach as a singer/songwriter.

As well as being a seasoned international live performer,

Sally's skills as a sacred songwriter have also earned her recognition

on forgein shores. Her haunting vocal/instrumental

 collaboration with US film music producer

Damien project filmworks titled "Inside Beauty lies"

was featured in the "Skatin 66" film documentary which

screened recently at Buffalo film festival New York.

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Wintergarden Queen st Mall Jan 17,2016